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Wanted: Women to train and work in automotive, electronics and other male-dominated trades
Rosedale Technical College in Kennedy is holding career events for women throughout the month of March
CDRA names C&D recycling industry Safety Award winners
Twelve C&D recycling companies garnered recognition for embodying excellence in the areas of safety and risk management.
Peters Township pursues local glass-recycling container
Peters Township is pursuing the purchase of a container for glass recycling to be situated locally.
Xmas Light Recycling Donation to project Bundle-Up!
Michael Brothers donates funds generated by recycling Christmas lights to project Bundle-Up!
Alternative surfaces as some residents adjust to new recycling procedures
Some municipal waste haulers no longer want to pick up glass throw-aways with curbside recyclables.
South Hills company offering area residents opportunity to recycle glass
After 45 years in business, Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling has added a new facet to the operation
Finally! A place to recycle your glass bottles and jars
A South Hills metal recycler is now taking glass from residents who can't put it in their bins because of recent changes to their waste hauler's recycling rules.
Recycling glass in the Pittsburgh area
If you live in a community that's recently been told there will no longer be municipal glass recycling, we have an update.
Baldwin Borough business offering glass recycling option
A Baldwin Borough business has come to the rescue for South Hills residents who lost the option to recycle glass at the curb starting Jan. 1.
Pilot recycling program gives South Hills residents an alternative to glass in the trash
South Hills residents who thought they would have to toss glass into the trash now have a place they can take it to be recycled

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