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**Updated 11/07/2022 at 07:41 am** - Prices subject to change without notice. 

Michael Brothers' full service drive-thru scrap metal recycling facility is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh at 901 Horning Rd. 15236.

Open to the public and commercial accounts!

Monday-Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday 7am-1pm

  • Fast & friendly service
  • Indoor drive-thru facility 
  • Employees educated on types and grades of metal
  • Non-ferrous & ferrous located in seperate areas of the yard
  • State certified scales
  • Nonintimidating environment


 noun (1), often attributive

\ 'skrap  \

Definition of scrap

manufactured articles or parts rejected or discarded and useful only as material for reprocessing

especially waste and discarded metal


Bring your scrap metal to:

Michael Brothers Hauling:

901 Horning Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Michael Brothers Adamsburg:

427 Edna Rd. Adamsburg, PA 15621

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