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Lift-Off Dumpsters

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Michael Brothers offers the Tri-State Area's only lift-off service that's ideal for residential jobs. Our lift-off equipment consists of the most property-friendly steel dumpsters you'll find anywhere. Our dumpsters are hydraulically lowered and not rolled off, which minimizes the possibility of property damage. What's more, our professional drivers are uniformed and experienced, and always make sure the dumpster is placed exactly where the customer wants it.

At Michael Brothers, we have several single-axle (smaller) trucks in our fleet, which allows us to deliver dumpsters in very tight areas, making them ideal for jobs in the City of Pittsburgh and other urban areas.

We Make You Feel At-Home

When you want to dispose of construction waste, household debris, clean fill, green waste or recyclables, Michael Brothers offers 2 styles of dumpsters in 12 sizes. From our wide selection of lift-off dumpsters, hook roll-off dumpsters and HOGSS "The Flexible Dumpster," you're sure to find the ideal container for your job. On most residential projects, our lift-off dumpsters work best because they're extremely driveway-friendly, so they fit easily in tight spaces. Whether you're a general contractor, sub-contractor or homeowner, one of our customer services representatives will work closely with you to determine the best container for your particular job. To learn more about Michael Brothers' ability to help you maintain a clean worksite, garage, basement, or yard. Let us know what you need.

Efficiency Assured

If you're a general contractor, sub-contractor, property owner or manager, Michael Brothers can provide you with hook roll-off dumpsters, lift-off dumpsters and HOGSS "The Flexible Dumpster.” With more than 35 years in business, we understand the importance of your commercial construction, renovation and remodeling projects being completed on-time and on-budget. At Michael Brothers, our experience guarantees that you'll have the ideal dumpsters onsite when they're needed, and hauled away and replaced in a timely manner.

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